Uche Ajuonuma's Design Portfolio

Uche is a co-founder of CoMakers Africa and the convener of Hardware Nigeria Community (HNC). His specialties and interests are in Engineering Designing and Analysis, Product Development and Manufacturing, Social Entrepreneurship,  Non-Profits, People Development, Social Change, Entrepreneurship, Human Centered Design, Rural Agriculture and Health.

Below are few of his design works as they relate to social impacts.

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Dual-P Homer

Dual-P Homer is an idea that came from observing my mother passed through the stress of grinding the ingredients her food ingredients on a stone. She also alternatively use a mortar to pound some that could not be controlled in the stone. 

This observation pushed me to buy her an electrically powered blender to ease the work for her. But because of the unsteady power supply in my country, the machine was not as helpful as I wanted. So, I came about the idea of Dual-P Homer which simply means dual powered (electrically and manually powered) blender.


Abam came from an Igbo (My Local Language ) phrase that means "My Aba". Aba is a city in Nigeria Known by its craft and industrialization. One of the dominant trade in Aba is shoemaking.

Sometime in 2017, some of the Aba shoe-makers came up with a challenge stating that the consumers of their product were complaining of itches in their feet when wearing the made-in-Aba shoes. So, Abam came as a result of a  researched-based solution we provided through conducting a test on feet configuration and finding that their feet "Last" is a bit different from the foreign Lasts they usually use for production in the past. 

RH-i Headphone

This is a retro-modern looking headphone I designed to join Autodesk Fussion 360 design challenge. The concept was to blend old and new fasion technology with eyes on asthethics.  


Coma-1 is a wrist watch that centers on the use of camouflage band. I came up with this as a result of my preparation to speak to Nigeria makers to challenge them to also venture into watch making. Though, I am coming up with a different design that will be more digital than analog. 


The efforts of the waste collectors in my community has been severally ruined by poor handling of the waste by the community members, lack of information of where the wastes are and the high cost of running around to pick half half-filled bins. 

So, the solar-powered GreenBin was born out of the idea of having an IoT based bin that is capable of reporting its state and location to the waste collectors. It has a compressor that compresses at intervals to ensure that the wastes collected are completely filled. 


4th Generation Smart Forecourt Terminals FuelFACT terminals are wireless and automatically start the pumps after payment  through various methods [POS, Cash, Mobile Payment, Tokens and QR Code].

Fuel theft and ease of purchase continue to be an issue at fuelling stations. FuelFACT addresses this by providing 4th generation forecourt solutions that is practical and plug-and-play 


eBraille is an open-source reading glass for blind people. It scans and reads letters and words from a book to the ears of the user through a Bluetooth connected earphone. 

eBraille is still a concept, undergoing some research to see how it can impact the lives of the visually impaired people. Few works have been done on this concept which include OrCam, Google Glass, eSight etc. Though the prototype was created and tested at an event I co-chaired in 2018, eBraille will be an open-source project that will give eyes to the blind.


eBraille (Extra-functions)

eBraille makes use of multiple cameras to scan, correct and interpret letters and images. It works by the principle of light and uses OpenCV algorithm. 

eBraille is trained to be smart enough to auto-locate letters, words, write-ups and pictures, scan them to read or store for future reading. 



To help the storage capacity, it is connected to the cloud to store items in any of the user's cloud storage (Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox, etc.) of choice. 


eBraille (Usage)

eBraille has different modes, ranging from GPS location, image recognition to path navigation. More works can be done on eBraille since it's just a little computer on the eyes of the user controlled by a mobile app with voice assistance


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